The start of another great year!

It’s been a while!

Didn’t do much over the winter, I realized as I am getting older, I am not as adventurous as I used to be.  I think it’s time to trade in my skis for something a little less bone breaking … like knitting!

This year will be another great biking season, maybe not a lot of multi-day rides but still exciting none the less.  Maybe this year we won’t be attacked by dogs – ahh memories!

We will start the season on the June 24th weekend, making it into a long one.  This time we will be travelling out to the Montana/Idaho border .. the trail is called the Hiawatha (starts at the border and moves into Idaho).  This one was a recommendation by a co-worker who has done it with his family (wife and young kids … I guess if they can do it, so can I).  I need to dust off the passport!

The campsite we are staying at (yes, I said camping or rather glamping) is at the town of Wallace, about 20 mins or so from the Hiawatha trail-head at East Portal.  Apparently, there is some sort of ‘thing’ going on that weekend, celebrating a historical event.  I googled and found this …


I don’t think we will be around to see this as we are driving out that day and I don’t think we will be there by 1pm.  I do hear that the campground is booked solid and we got the last campsite available.

I have attached some information on the two trails that we are looking to do …

The Hiawatha … (

There is a cost to bike the trail, a nominal fee and a cost to use the shuttle service from the bottom of the trail at Pearson back up to Roland where we bike back to the car.  Again, it isn’t a lot.  I have attached the map …

Hiawatha trail map

Route of the Olympian … (

About the Trail
The 31 mile Route of the Olympian is located just over the Idaho State line and is, separate but a continuation, of the Hiawatha Trail on the old Milwaukee rail bed. The first five miles is human powered sports in summer crossing through tunnels and over the very scenic Dominion trestle. The Olympian from there on is multiple-use on into St. Regis. The trail follows the St. Regis River which also separates the trail from Interstate 90 that parallels much of this underused trail. Unlike the Hiawatha there is no cost to use the Olympian. Even if you don’t ride the entire trail peddle out to the old Dominion trestle and enjoy the sense of awe with the spectacular view from the “top of the world.” The Olympian represents part of the larger trans American trail system which in Washington State is the Iron Horse and John Wayne trail and in Idaho under the Friends of the Coeur d’ Alene Trails is reestablished as the Milwaukee and the Milwaukee scenic Alternate Route. Under the US Forest Service then as the Hiawatha.

These trails seem like a great way to get our feet wet for the 2017 biking season.  This year I want to bike Myra Canyon which we hope to do in August.  There is also the Salmo to Nelson (Great Northern Rail Trail) that is a little more aggressive so perhaps will do that later in the season.  Lastly, the Kimberley to Cranbrook  (North Star Rails to Trails) looks interesting as well.  Not to mention the weekend rides in Kananaskis and the ride out to Chestermere, which is also on my bucket list.

There is a lot to do this year!





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